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Wonders are curios or masterworks that have been imbued with essences and bonded to a sentient being.

Arcane Bonds

The Devil Ooze – Bonded to Malthazir
Mysterious Bog Oak Wand – Bonded to Niyut
Sage Staff of Lorrynor – Bonded to Malthazir
Si’elwaght – Bonded to Asulad
Shadow Opal Ring – Bonded to Jitinder “Spruce” Aleamitore
Staff of Stoorjian – Carried by Sivantanpisil

Divine Bonds

Morgrym’s Holy Symbol of Mylesar – Bonded to Truk’tosh

Armor Bonds

Breastplate of the Swashbuckler – Bonded to Garidan Vissir
Brynderie’s Silken Robe – Bonded to Niyut
The Chestnut Buckler – Bonded to Garidan Vissir
Shadowbrood Armor – Bonded to Truk’tosh
Stormborn Robe – Bonded to Malthazir

Weapon Bonds

Brasäd, The Eternal Fire – Carried by Niyut
Daybringer, Sword of Thorn’s – Bonded to Lady Alessandra Thorne
Garidan’s Foil – Bonded to Garidan Vissir
The Master’s Whip – Bonded to Gruskorb
Morgrym’s Axe – Bonded to Truk’tosh
Titans Bow

Sundry Bonds

The Bear Trap – Bonded to Gruskorb
Chimera’s Tail Trinket Necklace – Bonded to Gruskorb
Liber Sanguinem – Bonded to Niyut
Magical Ox Horn – Carried by Niyut
Ruza, the Ioun Torch – Bonded to Garidan Vissir
Toûpha of the Phoenix

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Vault - Wonders

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